Blogs On Blogs Dadlabs Get Posted Up

We take a brief pause in the Sweden narrative to let you know about some of the action DadLabs is seeing in the blogosphere.

Liz Shannon Miller wrote a thorough review of our network NewTeeVee Station. The Station is an offshoot of NewTeeVee, itself a part of the larger GigOm network of blogs, covering the online video biz. The main blog covers the industry as a whole, with a particular focus on the big players and VC funded startups. The Station allows for more focus on the content, shows and personalities. The site accepts user reviews, so get over there and do your own write-up. This is a good forum for giving us feedback about how we’re doing. You can also find other great online shows there.

If you want to drill down on the financials of DadLabs, to know exactly how we manage to paste this deal together with bubblegum and twine, you can read all about it at Silicon Alley Insider. Michael Learmoth did an extrmemly thorough job of trying to understand all aspects of our nascent biz. *gulp* The guys at Alley Insider tell it like it is, and are not afraid of a good takedown, so we’re very happy with this coverage.

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