Cardboard Art Cave


In preparation for a Dad Labs video on pillow forts, I performed some crucial research on other types of indoor play enclosures including cardboard tunnels.    Sadly enough the experiment did not make it into the video, but the images live on!  Here are a few things I learned.

1.  Here is one critical study performed by Build LLC on Cardboard Fort Architecture (1, 2)

2.  A child has a hard time crawling through boxes found outside a liquor store.

3.  A quick call to a local scratch and dent appliance dealer provided me with this ginormous box.  I had to reserve it ahead of time, which meant they would throw it out behind the warehouse for me to find after hours.


4.  You can make fun of me for my minivan, but at least it can carry a refrigerator box.

5.  Two adults and two children can fit into a refrigerator box at the same time.

6.  Kids like it dark in the fort.

7.  Kids will argue when it is dark in the fort and there is only one flashlight.  Too many shadows.

8.  Kids will argue in the fort when it is dark and one has a hand held flashlight and the other one a head lamp.  Its – pause – just – pause – not – fair.


What it really looks like in the box.

9.  Once the disagreements settle, their inner cavekid comes out and they can spend hours coloring the insides of the cardboard box.

10.  Recycling a box this big takes weeks depending on the size of your community’s recycling bin.

Here is some of the finished artwork.

Before you go all art critic on my seven year old, in his own words, this was a Pollock.


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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Art Cave

  1. concretin_nik

    And because links on cool blog posts lead to more exploring of said link… here’s part 3 of the Cardboard Fort Architecture: A Critical Analysis

    Thanks DaddyTroy!

  2. concretin_nik

    Corrugated – for the WIN! Most excellent post.

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