Logitech Giveaway – Universal Remote & Revue w/Google TV – 12/16

As a dad of three kids my free time is severely limited, so much so that about the only live television I watch is when my two favorite teams are fighting it out on the gridiron. While the Texas Longhorns laid a colossal egg this season and will miss a bowl game for the first time in 20 years my Carolina Gamecocks are making an exciting post season run!

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be parked in front of the tube cheering on the Fighting Gamecocks with every snap this bowl season. But making sure that game time is my time takes some preparation and strategy. I’ve got to dig deep into my parenting playbook to ensure that each member of the family is occupied and happy. Easy but lengthy art projects for the toddler, pre planned play dates at other friends houses for the older one and meticulously manipulated nap times are all in my arsenal. And when I get everyone situated and finally settle in for my game, it is critical that my tech works and I don’t spend half of a quarter searching for multiple remotes.

So in the spirit of helping dads maximize their game watching experience, DadLabs has partnered with Logitech and are running a Parenting Playbook Contest. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us your strategies for carving out a few hours to watch the game.

The winners will receive some amazing technology from Logitech that will help transform your living room into the perfect game watching zone!

Check out the following video to learn more about the contest and see below for full details on how to win.

[bliptv gvhKgpGeJgA%2Em4v]

Giveaway #1 – Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote from Logitech

Harmony One Universal Remote

Harmony One Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony One gives families one-touch access to home entertainment. One press of the color touch screen and you’re watching a DVD or your favorite TV channel. Sculpted, backlighted buttons in logical zones make it easy to navigate – even in the dark – and the ergonomically designed remote fits comfortably in the hand. And because it’s rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about buying new batteries. Supporting more than 5,000 brands and able to replace up to 15 remotes, the Harmony One controls home-entertainment devices you have today or will buy tomorrow. This device retails for $249.99.


Post a link to the “Parenting Playbook” video on Twitter and include the hastag #ParentingPlaybook. Check the DadLabs Twitter page (@DadLabs) and Re-Tweet one of the #Parenting Playbook tweets we’ll be sending. Or, here is a Tweet you can use:

Win a Harmony Universal Remote! Watch this vid http://bit.ly/fE18HL RT to win #ParentingPlaybook #giveaway

Note: One entry per Twitter account.

WINNER! – Congrats to ThePocketRef!

Giveaway #2 – Logitech Revue with Google TV

Logitech Revue

Logitech Revue with Google TV

Logitech Revue™ with Google TV™ is a two-piece system — a companion box and keyboard controller with integrated remote — that brings together TV, the full Web, apps, movies and more. Using a familiar layout, the keyboard controller lets anyone start searching without a learning curve. And because the Logitech Revue leverages Harmony® Link technology, it works with your existing HDTV, cable or satellite set-top box, AV receiver – even compatible DVRs. And getting set up couldn’t be simpler. Two HDMI cables and a broadband Internet connection is all it takes to turn your TV into a smart TV. This device retails for $299.99.


Comment on this blog post you are reading right now with an answer to this question: What is your game watching strategy from your parenting playbook? Let us know in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a Logitech Review with Google TV.

DadLabs will announce the winners of both prizes on the DadLabs Live Show on December 16th at 2 PM EST and then in this blog immediately after that.

WINNER! – William Hoover

DadLabs Live Show

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About the DadLabs Live Show: The DadLabs Live Show is thirty minutes of dad and parenting news and comedy. We discuss topics in the news, what’s going on in our own parenthood, and interview experts and authors. It’s fun and fast paced. Each week, we give away some great prizes to a few lucky viewers. We’ve given away BabyBjorn merchandise, a First Year True Fit Premium car seat, gift certificates, and a lot more! Check it out every Thursday at 2 p.m. EST.

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44 thoughts on “Logitech Giveaway – Universal Remote & Revue w/Google TV – 12/16

  1. TheM-Files

    Our game plan is….not to watch lol. If we can’t go to the game in person, then we don’t watch. We have too much going on with the baby to find time to sit and watch any games.

  2. 57plymouth

    My key is preparation.

    As a Stay At Home Dad, I make sure the house is cleaned and dinner is ready when the wife unit gets home. That way she is not pressured to do any chores, and she will be ready to spend time with our daughter.

    This works in many ways! My daughter actually likes to “help” me clean, so she will dust and sweep along with me. She thinks it is a game and laughs the whole time. She also likes to “help” me cook and will be at my side while I get dinner ready. So I spend an hour working in addition to the time I spend playing with my girl all day. Then when the wife unit gets home, she can spend the rest of her evening playing with my daughter so I can go do what I want to. Be it watch the game, or whatever. It also helps keep the wife unit in a good mood and stress free, which has it’s own rewards.

  3. shanpow

    Turn off the phone, don’t go online and DVR…you can pause rewind or save for later….If I want to watch but need to do something I don’t want family for friends calling to say did you see this or can you believe that call!

  4. BigPapi

    A page out of my parenting playbook…My game watching strategy is to try to involve my son in the thrill of the game. I try to get him interested. I teach him the rules, the players, etc. I explain to him the game every step of the way. I think the best way to is to engage his interest as well.

  5. mrcapncaveman

    I usually only have two options when game time hits. 1) Hit the DVD player and record it for later viewing which is not my preference, or 2) tell the wife I need to go help out a friend and hit the local tavern for a few hrs. Option 2 never really turns out well if you know what I mean.

  6. liz217304

    As the wife of the game-lover in the family, I am HEAVILY relied upon during important games. If the game is tier 2 or 3 importance level, the DVR comes into play. Daddy does have his games that need real-time watch, however, so super-mom comes to the rescue. Right now it’s just one toddler (oxy-moron?) but there’s another coming in February. Our strategy will have to change with mutiple distractions during Daddy’s game. In fact, I may just take the kids out of the house for a few hours, or send Daddy out for the game! He’d love that!

  7. grandy

    my son knows the best way to make sure he can watch the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball is to invite me over during broadcast games so grandboy and I can read stories, play puzzles and make a mess in the kitchen creating goodies… :)

  8. ojudk

    It’s all about playing interference.

    For the boys: Cartoons on the TV.

    For the wife: Chores done b4 hand.

    For daddy: Streaming the game in the office, go high speed!!

  9. jayg5000

    My strategy is pretty simple – watch whenever I want (no kids yet).

  10. pinklady705

    Plan in advance…make sure you spend some quality time with your family and make sure you get household or other chores done.

    How about having special treats/foods available during the games. Eating should provide some quiet.

    Set up a movie (or shows) available for your child to watch. Make sure you have a palette and pillow laid out, a few toys, and whatever else your child likes to have with them while they watch their movie.

    If you are using a DVR, pause it several times throughout the game to check on the kids/spouse…better to stay a minute or two and even have a tiny chat.

    Remember that games last a long time (in my opinion) and you need to keep that in mind when choosing what or which game you intend to watch.

    If your family feels that you have spent some quality time with them (you know, fully engaged, present in the moment and all that stuff) and you honor and respect other family members interests, you’ll have a much better game-viewing experience nearly every time.

  11. trixie420247

    My husband just leaves to watch the games….which is cool by me. He can hang out and have a few beers while the kiddos and I do something else…Women should let their men have a bit of their own time, i think….but I am sure this prize would be a big boon for him in some manner…

  12. Thom

    My game watching strategy is pretty easy because my son is a teenager. So I just make sure he’s got some money, friends to hang out with, and a bit of freedom…and it’s smooth sailing for me to chill!

  13. bamalynn75

    Come Sunday afternoon, the television will be set to a football game channel. Hubby just likes hearing it in the background if he’s not able to sit down and watch. His game plan strategy is to at least catch the half time review to see the latest scores and big plays. Anything more than that is gravy! He will DVR any of the Chicago Bears games though. :)

  14. soxdave

    hello DVR! i DVR everything and catch up after everyone’s asleep or when the wife is asleep and our baby is still up… or, download it to my ipod and watch on the commute!

  15. Dave01568

    I have three kids 2,4,6 and I just had to say there is only two ways for me to watch the game. Two cable boxes and my iPod touch with netflix

  16. darbyscloset

    My husband has to watch the Rams whenever they play no matter where in the world we are….literally! So I take the kids with me somewhere and leave dad in peace with his game, otherwise the house would look like the rams played here after he chased everybody away!!!
    darbyscloset at yahoo.com

  17. darbyscloset

    I tweeted your blurb about the remote giveaway!
    darbyscloset at yahoo.com

  18. cDrow

    I let my son (now 7) pick his favorite team to root for, even if it goes against the team I’m rooting for, and yes, even if it’s one of the teams I really despise. The worst was when the Texans and Cowboys were playing, and he was rooting for the Cowboys while I was rooting for the home town Texans.

  19. sabronet

    My game plan was to include my daughter in sporting activities and watching games on TV at a very eariler age. She is now 3 years old and will actually sit on my lap and watch an entire football or basketball game rooting the whole time!

  20. greg_d

    There is a certain warped peasure in being a fan of european soccer(football!) in that most of the games are screened early in the morning, even over here on the east coast, so usually everyone is preoccupied with breakfast routines and waking up gently. Failing that, I always DVR the important games anyhow, just in case I am called to be ‘on duty’ during the game! However, you cannot beat watching live sport.

  21. DanM

    One very important thing I did not mention is that family, especially the kid, comes first. The game is fun entertainment, but my time is short and it is quite often more important to be playing with Giggles or taking care of errands than to be watching TV.

    One day I will take her to Wrigley Field on a daddy date.


  22. bryanhill

    My strategy involves having a second TV in our bedroom, which has the ability to view the disney channel on it. It keeps our family room quiet and allows me to watch my game whether it be the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Steelers, because my blood does run black and gold.

  23. ben

    It’s Tivo for us. It helps that my sports viewing is confined to one month every four years. Having a sport with few commercial interruptions is also good.

  24. skane

    Well my playbook consists of a mostly offensive plays. Since I am an early riser, I draw from the Army motto and “Do more before 8am than most people do all day.” Shopping and laundry at dawn grants me kickoff freedom (even if I fall asleep during the 2nd Qtr) My ten year old son loves sports so I can reward him with chores, and then excuse them with sayings like “I told him if he showers and gets ready for bed, he can watch the first half.” All kidding aside, when I am sitting down in from of the TV and my son and my wife are inside playing a game or giggling from looking at photo albums, my immediate response is to pick up the remote and click it off.

  25. DanM

    DVR is the way to go. Tivo is our DVR of choice and it the Tivo Desktop Plus software allows me to copy whatever I want to my iPhone so I can listen to it in the car or during a walk with the child. Otherwise, I will watch it at 5am when Giggles wakes up and we are the only ones who are stirring.


  26. awc100

    Well the little one is starting to show an interest in watching the game a little so that is helpful. The best method to watch is to discuss it ahead of time and offer to make sure some things get done before hand. Also folding the laundry is pretty easy to do while watching the game then you don’t get bitched at about just sitting there the whole time about doing nothing.

  27. jeffpaul

    We DVR everything and I’ll usually plop my 9mo daughter on the couch next to me with a bottle or bounce her on my knee (post-burping of course). As long as I can ensure she’s having fun, then I can usually get away with watching a DVR’d football game & fast forwarding through unnecessary segments.

  28. brantlyj

    well since I just called and canceled my satellite this week so we can afford to have my wife stay home with our newborn the only way I’ll be watching anything not on network TV is if I win this device. lol

  29. cbibbs

    I buffer up a few minutes on the DVR and then start watching. I’ve gotten my 3yo to get excited about motorcycle racing so he’ll watch with me and then take a break to race his toy motorcycles around the room. It really works out.

  30. dadarocks

    yah I’m all about the weekend plans – usually have the wife off shopping or since she’s a photographer working and then its easy to find an aunt or a grandparent that wants to take kiddo off my hands so I can enjoy the game in peace and quite it just sucks when its a night game because then I have to get crafty with the wife and make plans for her to go out with friends!

  31. kdbraith

    My plan for gameday is to 1) communicate that I will be watching the game and 2) prepare to watch the game. That means letting your spouse know that you plan on watching the game and doing nothing else. I also handle all the chores that I normally do before the game starts. I also want to pass the tradition of my sports teams so my kids so they will be watching the game with me and learning about the tradition they need to carry on.

  32. concretin_nik

    Full disclosure, my definition of “the game” is skateboard or snowboard competitions(Dew Tour, X-Games)…

    But I too use the brownie point system. Up until ‘the game’ I’ll bust on household chores, and generally try to give HisMother a diaper free day the following day. I’ve been know to fold laundry and/or wash dishes during the event or commercials.

    Every once in awhile, TheBoy will actually climb up in my lap and watch WITH me. Ain’t nothin’ better than that. (Though it usually only lasts about 10 minutes.)

    Thanks for a yet another great giveaway! DadLabs ROCKS!

  33. metzgerbusiness

    As a Clemson boy, I haven’t had a good or even mediocr season but my Falcons are doing well. I no longer have cabel so all my game watching is done either at a bar or via the web. Unfortunatly Roku still doesn’t play espen 3 so the prospect of a Logitech Revue is quite cool.

  34. niloman

    Well, My strategy is a combination of DVR as well as a deal worked out with the wife. She tries to let me watch the game with as view interruptions as possible. But without DVR, it would be impossible. There are still times that I have to go change the baby or get him a drink where I will pause the game and then come back to it.

  35. silkwilk27

    The best way for me to watch a game is to do as many chores as possible Sunday morning, make breakfast for the wife. Also, it helps to have the game on the DVR so that it can be started a little late, or paused to take care of a few things. The DVR is a life saver on game day.

  36. Davisesq212

    My game watching strategy from my parenting playbook is kids first, game second. That means if the kids need to be tended to for any reason, the DVR gets in full effect. I like to watch a game with no distractions so what I normally plan is to just go about my day with the family and record a game that is really important to me. That way, later on, I can watch the game uninterrupted.

    Between the recording and the watching, I greet each person with, “if you have seen XYZ vs. ABC game, do NOT under any circumstances tell me about how great or bad it was, who did this or who did that and certainly do NOT mention the score.” I don’t watch the news or listen to the radio between the game being recording and the game being watched by me so there are no ‘slip-ups’.

    Usually, this game watching strategy works and the family, including the kids are satisfied.

  37. Funky Dung

    I don’t know that I have a game-watching strategy, per se. I’m not a huge sports fan, really. When I want to watch a game, though, I generally don’t have a problem. My kids, 2yo and 1yo, don’t pay much attention to the game and generally amuse themselves. They know that they don’t control when the TV goes on or off, or what’s on it. If they give me a hard time for watching something other than Signing Time, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Veggie Tales, I start counting. If I get to 3, they get a time out. That doesn’t happen often, though – while watching football. They get plenty of timeouts for other bad behaviors. ;)

  38. ataylor116

    I get my strategy straight from my football team. At my house it is a team event. I include to whole family (inlaws and all)! I have found that my nephews (9 & 10 years old) and neice (8 years old) have an uncanny ability to entertain my 3 year old son. My mother in-law and sister in-laws have the same uncanny ability to entertain my wife. This Team strategy leaves all of the guys to watch the game uninterrupted. It does help that we all like the same team. I will need to add to the game plan for next year as I now have a 2 day old son. I have faith that me and my coaching staff can conquer the hurdle of the new addition. Roll Tide!!!

  39. rbeetle

    I do all my household to do’s in the morning and then I am ready settle down to a game. I have older kids so I get them to watch the game with me sometimes or get them a video game or movie to watch on their own.

  40. dadofdivas

    For me I am old school as we don’t have a DVR… VHS…Yes I know it is ancient technology, but it is the best I have right now.

  41. shamusmc

    My strategy is to make diner and do the dishes when I get home from work. I would alos reiterate sdreadestatedad – D V R!!

  42. amanns

    My strategy is to come in the house and help momma out with everything that might need to be done around the house so i get brownie points. That way when i announce “i will be watching the game tonight” there will not be any objections. The next play i make is to take my 6mo old with me and bring all her food, diapers, and toys to the man cave and give momma her me time that way i will not be disturbed and won’t have to miss the game.

  43. mamasarah

    Best strategy for me to catch a game is to be interested in games that come on after bedtime. Hello, west coast hockey games!

  44. sdrealestatedad

    As the Dad of a 3yo, I think that the best game day strategy can best be described with three simple letters – D V R
    While I’m not a huge fan of watching recorded sporting events, the ability to pause live TV makes gameday a little more fun.

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