Parenting News: Sleep, Children’s Book Parody, Chemicals in Baby Products, Premature Birth, College Kids

Six Big Kid Sleep Problems: Parents often think kids’ sleep problems are over once their babies slumber through the night, but at least a quarter of school-age children have nighttime troubles, says Gregory Stores, M.D., emeritus professor of developmental neuropsychiatry at Britain’s University of Oxford. (

‘Go the F*%$ to Sleep’ Proves a Popular Lullaby with Bleary-Eyed Adults: “It’s pretty wild,” said Adam Mansbach, the 34-year-old author who was inspired to write the book “for fun” last year based on the “grueling” experience of putting his then 2-year-old daughter to sleep. (

Chemical Suspected in Cancer Is in Baby Products: More than 30 years after chemical flame retardants were removed from children’s pajamas because they were suspected of being carcinogens, new research into flame retardants shows that one of the chemicals is prevalent in baby’s products made with polyurethane foam, including nursing pillows, car seats and highchairs. (

A Blood Test to Predict Premature Birth Could Hit the Market Next Year: Doctors historically have had little luck predicting which women will deliver early, but now a new study presents a way to detect more than 80% of preterm births ahead of time, with a second-trimester blood test. (

Families Adjusting to College Kids Home for Summer: Summer at home — so often eagerly awaited by the students, their parents and siblings — is often a mixed-up time of happy reunions, unexpected challenges and weird new family dynamics as not-quite adult kids return temporarily to the nest. (ABC News)

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