Parenting News: Energy Drinks, Breastfeeding and Maternity Leave, Sleep and Obesity, Internet, Education

Pediatricians: No Energy Drinks For Kids; Greatly Limit Use of Sports Drinks: Most children and adolescents do not need sports drinks according to a clinical report published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The report also finds that energy drinks are never appropriate for children or teenagers– water should be the primary beverage choice. (

Want to Boost Breast-Feeding Rates? More Maternity Leave is Key: If the United States wants to significantly increase its breast-feeding rates, extending women’s maternity leave would be a good place to start, according to new research published today in the journal Pediatrics. (

More Sleep May Cut Kids’ Risk of Obesity: Youngsters who do not get enough sleep on a regular basis are more likely to be overweight, a new study has found. Conversely, when children got more shut-eye, they had a reduction in body mass index (BMI) and a significant drop in their risk of being overweight, the researchers found. (HealthDay)

Parents Should Screen Kids’ Summer Web Surfing: Expert: As the school year wraps up, many kids will replace class time with cyber time — a trend leading one researcher to caution parents to watch out for online hazards such as “sexting” and cyberbullying. (HealthDay)

Do Schools Share Too Much With Parents?: Student management systems, as they are known in the educational world, began trickling into U.S. schools about 10 years ago. They are now so popular Ann Flynn, director of Education Technology at the National School Boards Association, considers their use “commonplace.”(

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