Dads Know It Can Wait: Text Shaming for Profit

Want to make a dad mad? Texting and driving will do the trick. Especially if you are in the vicinity of said dad when he’s hauling the rugrats to school in the minivan. I can think of no other observable behavior (with the possible exception of the lap dog with its head out the driver’s window) that drives me more nuts.

We’ve all heard the stats. We know that texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. 100,000 crashes a year involving texting. Yet these people think that they are just too skilled behind the wheel for it to happen to them. Idiots.

And too often it’s other people that pay the price. Innocent people. Kids.

Which is one reason I’m so impressed that ATT is doing the right thing with their It Can Wait campaign. Not only have they created a cool website at (take the pledge while you’re there) and some cool videos like the one linked below, but they’ve also given us some amazing loot to give away.

All you have to drop a comment here or on our Facebook page about idiotic texting behavior that you have seen or you can send out a tweet with the hashtag #ItCanWaitDad and you will be entered to win the It Can Wait giftpack that includes a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, an ICW branded case, a t-shirt, thumbbands, stickers, and a SkinIt Coupon good for one free large device SkinIt.

Did I mention the Samsung Galaxy SIII? That phone is amazing. They sent me one to try out, and I’m incredibly impressed (full review soon).

So let’s get out there and start “text shaming” and see if we can do some good. Take the pledge while you’re at it.

ATT sent us a gift pack as a thank you for promoting the campaign so we can honestly tell you how awesome it is. Get registered.

Texting and Driving Crash – It Can Wait

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8 thoughts on “Dads Know It Can Wait: Text Shaming for Profit

  1. Vikki M.

    I received my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone and prize pack already. That was super fast! Thank you so much! I am really thrilled to win such a great prize.

  2. concretin_nik

    And the winner is…

    VIKKI M.

    Vikki, send your snail mail address to and DaddyClay will get your schwag to you!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE! Thanks for supporting us here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Keep getting the word out to your friends, family, and children. Don’t text and drive! EVER!

  3. Justin

    See this pretty much every day …. in town, on the highway, young people, older people…this is a great campaign that reaches out to everyone. I hope people choose to let this sink in and do what’s right, do what’s safe.

  4. Shannon

    I see this all the time and it infuriates me. Especially now that I have a baby. However the time that it really made me speak out was when I was in a vehicle with my sister and two young nieces & my sister was texting and driving! Lets just says she got quite the lecture.

  5. Mike K

    texting and driving is dangerous! seen others almost hit pedestrians because they were texting! No text should lead to death #ItCanWaitDad

  6. Vikki M.

    I have seen people go through stop signs while playing on their phone. #ItCanWaitDad

  7. Jill H

    I honestly see people texting every time I’m on the road and it makes me cringe. I want to signal to them to pull over and play a video for them showing them how people die when they text. It’s so sad that people take their lives into their hands for a text.

  8. mczwick

    My own dad flipped his pickup up on its side after a 17 year old girl t-boned him while texting. Everyone was fine, but both vehicles were totaled. Plus he was on his way to work and he spilled his lunch everywhere…double bummer. He tried to climb back into his truck to get it but the cops wouldn’t let him. He might have been more annoyed at the cop because he was so hungry all day….typical dad.

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