Lab Test: Quixx Headlight Restorer

Some things just work as advertised. One of those things is the Quixx Repair System Headlight Restorer.

Let’s start with this: I’m a minivan guy. Not only that, I’m an old minivan guy.


What I mean to say is that I’m a guy with an old minivan. Okay, I’m old, too. But the point here is that I have always loved and appreciated minivans — the practicality of a vehicle that’s low to the ground with sliding doors. To this day, I fail to see how a slightly more boxy vehicle riding slightly higher off the ground makes me slightly more of a man.

So, a real man is one that falls for image marketing that leads him away from his own self-interest? A real man is easily duped?

But I’ll leave the “aesthetics vs being actually good” debate for another time.

What I want to focus on here is age. I appreciate age more and more for obvious reasons, and it’s one of the things I love about my minivan. We’ve had it for a decade now, and as a result of my (much complained about) fussiness, and our walk-to-school-and-work lifestyle, the thing is in great shape with incredibly low miles.

With any luck, the kid we brought home from the hospital in that minivan will learn to drive in it.

There’s only one thing that’s been nagging me about my ride. The foggy, yellowed headlights. I’ve never been self-conscious about pulling into the carpool drop-off at the tony elementary school, or parking next to the luxury SUVs at the soccer fields. My van has a kind of timeless quality about it.

Except for the headlights. The dingy headlights said clearly “aging vehicle, teachers aboard.” It bugged me so much that I even priced replacing them. That boggled my mind — a non-starter if there ever was one. Then I remembered that I had been sent the Quixx Headlight Restorer system to try out about a year ago (okay, that’s embarrassing to admit, but that happens sometimes here at the labs).

I dug out the box and went to work.

The directions were simple. I cleaned the lights, I applied the polish, then used the rubberized “sanding” block with a lot of elbow grease. A lot of elbow grease. The cleaned it again, applied the sealant, and the lights were transformed. Crystal clear. No hazing or yellowing left in evidence.

The pictures speak for themselves:

So if you’ve got an older car with glazed looking headlights, Quixx has a solution that works.

Disclosure: I was sent a free sample of the product to test about a year ago that languished on a shelf until my headlights were sufficiently cloudy to offer a fair test. Hem.



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