Teen Boys and NHL Watch Party, What Could Go Wrong?

“How many can I have?” G asked.

When throwing a successful party for teenaged boys, it’s important to be able to answer this question with, “As many as you want.” That’s tip one. Imagine what you’d need to feed grownups, double it.

G walked away carrying a mountain of cheeseburger, smiling.

It was a small party, only six of us in attendance — me, my teen boy, and four of his best buds. The honoree was one of his closest friends, Z, who had announced he would not be returning to their school in the fall. He was off to boarding school in the northeast to pursue his passion. Hockey.

The boys were bummed to be losing Z, but recognized that there are limited opportunities for ice-based sports here in Central Texas.

What better way to saw farewell than with an NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs watch party?

We covered food, right? Basically, lots. The only thing left at the end were the hotdogs that were a bit “well done” — my personal preference. (What’s wrong with kids these day that they don’t like a grilled dog with a little crispiness to it?)

Drinks are also key — I iced down Izzle sodas, which they really seem to love. I think of them as being somehow better than more mainstream sodas, maybe because they are sold in Starbucks. I also like the smaller sized Gatorades of the “lower calorie” variety. I hate finding half-finished drinks after a party, so I go with small sizes. (Hint 2.)

With teenaged boys, when selecting a sports even, make sure that there are an even number of fans on both sides of the contest (Hint 3) — this makes for maximum ruckus. In our case, the New York Rangers v. Boston Bruins served nicely. Each goal drew equal cheers and boos.

Also important, a good sound system to drown out the nonsense that teenage boys say. It’s silly. Please notice the Coby Sound Bar. It rocks.

As we were wrapping the party, we were able to present some special gifts to Z, including a $100 gift certificate to the official NHL store thanks to Enterprise Rent-a-Car (an official sponsor and supporter of the NHL and its teams). He was pumped, and hopefully, he’ll think of Texas when he rocks his new gear up there in chilly New England.

If you’ve got hockey fans in your bunch, there are a couple ways you can hook them up with some hockey loot. First, Enterprise and the NHL have teamed up on the Hat Trick Challenge online game on NHL.com – your can play daily to try to predict what happens on the ice or create private leagues and compete against friends.

Additionally, you can leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page to be registered to win the prize pack that made my party such a hit: $100 NHL Gift Card, Brookstone Prime Barbeque Kit, Coleman 16 qt. Wheeled Cooler, Mixed nuts to snack on, Coby Slim Wall Mountable Sound Bar with Bluetooth Technology, and some fun Enterprise swag including stress relievers if the game gets tough and reusable stadium cups for drinks at the party. Amazing stuff!

Disclosure:  Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the NHL provided me with a gift package to host my watch party as a thank you for writing this post. However, the views and opinions expressed here are purely my own.

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2 thoughts on “Teen Boys and NHL Watch Party, What Could Go Wrong?

  1. Daddy Clay

    Well kris, looks like you are our winner. Send your shipping address to info@dadlabs.com and we will get that prize out to you ASAP.

  2. kris

    That could certainly help drown out the noise of kids, I mean, help entertain them.

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