Starbucks VIA – when you need caffeine. Now.

Our fellow DadBloggers at LifeofDad invited us to join their competition and promotion with Starbucks for the new VIA Ready Brew. While I am not a regular “coffee” drinker(I’m a sugary teeth/stomach lining rotting soda drinker), Starbucks is where I go for a mega jolt of caffeine that is wonderfully smooth hot chocolaty bliss. (A simple Double Mocha Latte, please, and thank you. Mmmmm.) So they said I needed to make a vid for a chance to win a $500, $200 or $100 gift card for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, respectively (even 3rd place is a lot of chocolaty bliss)… Challenge, accepted!

Click here to see the video on Instagram.

Every Dad has those moments when an extra bit of ‘wakemeup’ is needed. My son is only 5, but from what I hear, that need for extra energy never, EVER, goes away. (That was not mentioned in the child owners manual that I did not receive when TheBoy was delivered.) What events have you had as a parent, where a Starbucks VIA Ready Brew packet would have come in handy? Make your video with Vine or Instagram and share it for your chance to win. For all of the details, check out You don’t have to be a DadBlogger, but you can check out what other Dads deal with that sends them reaching for VIA.

Thank you Starbucks and LifeofDad for including DadLabs in this promotion. This is a sponsored posts and we were compensated as well as received some free VIA Ready Brew packets. As always however, all opinions presented are our own. Special thanks to TheBoy for helping out with the video. No dogs were harmed in the making of this film. #Via #LifeofDad

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