GenderBent Halloween 2014

So what do you do when your 6 year old boy wants to dress up as a female character for Halloween? Let me spend some time thinking about that… no, I don’t think I will. You let him. End of story. (What? You were expecting controversy? #sorrynotsorry) Moving on.

That grin!

I’ve begrudgingly accepted that TheBoy doesn’t dig StarWars and superheroes. (My disappointment is selfish and action figure/toy related, it has nothing to do with him.) We’ve completely embraced the fact that he digs My Little Pony(hey, they have action figures). Yea, almost the entire MLP Universe is female characters… but the stories are great and friendship issues addressed in the show are age appropriate for a 6 year old. They are presented with minimal snark and lots of pop-culture references for the adults. But don’t call him a “Brony.” He doesn’t like that. He says he’s “just a boy who likes My Little Pony.”

His favorite is Twilight Sparkle, so he’s dressing up as Twilight Sparkle. And HisMother & I are showing our support by being other characters from MLP. I will be Discord (an odd creature, made up of many different creature parts, called a draconequus) and HisMother will be Fluttershy (a pegasus, who incidentally is Discord’s only friend). But the second best thing about these costumes, his smile being the very best thing, is getting my craft on, and I mean ON! Another cool thing I’m NOT missing out on with MLP? Fandom. The MLP genre fans rival any StarWars convention goers. Which means cosplay ideas and youtube tutorials are abundant. (click the photos to enlarge)


TheBoy and HisMother

Discord Dad!

The wings and tail. Craft foam RULES!


TheBoy’s smile, craftin’, and easy to follow directions for said craftin’. These are all things that make me happy. Good things happen when I’m happy. This parenting thing ain’t so hard. Today.

Be safe and have a great Halloween everyone!

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